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Night Garden Gifts

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Night Garden Gifts - the best selling toys from the In the Night Garden range including Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka.

We have brought together a selection of the very best In the Night Garden Gifts which will make great birthday presents and Christmas presents for various ages of children.

In the Night Garden is a huge success for kids and parents. This nursery rhyme laden program keeps young ones spellbound and winds them down before bedtime. The loveable characters and toys can now be bought so your child can play with them, take them to snuggle up with and enjoy more of the songs, catch-phrases and enchantment from the program. Kids can experience their new friends at home, in a safe environment.

Based on the popular BBC Cbeebies TV Show there are many Night Garden Gifts gifts available of your childs favourite characters - Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, Tombliboos, Pontipines, Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk.

Because of the popularity of the In the Night Garden TV Show some of the toys and products on the website will be limited in stock. Our advice would be if you see that an item is in stock order it today as it may not be there tomorrow.

Iggle Piggle Upsy Daisy Makka Pakka

Night Garden Gifts Available

Talking Plush Iggle Piggle

Talking Plush Iggle Piggle The Talking Plush Iggle Piggle stands 30cm tall and makes various sounds and sings his song from the show. Comes complete with his own detatchable red blanket.

Taking Plush Iggle Piggle >>>

Talking Makka Pakka

Talking Makka Pakka Like the talking Iggle Piggle, the talking Makka Pakka In the Night Garden Toy stands at 30cm tall. Squeeze his tummy and Makka Pakka will sing. The Talking Plush Makka Pakka features his unique collection of sounds from the BBC TV show and the Makka Pakka song.

Talking Makka Pakka >>>

Talking Upsy Daisy

Talking Upsy Daisy Upsy Daisy plays an important role in the narrative of In the Night Garden and as Igglepiggle’s best friend she’s a great happy, optimistic character with her own songs and sayings. Press the tummy on this plush and watch your child’s face light up with delight as she comes out with their favourite saying from the show and the Upsy Daisy song.

Talking Upsy Daisy >>>

Iggle Piggle Dancing Plush

Iggle Piggle Dancing Plush Dancing Iggle Piggle features four games that he will play with your child: Hide and Seek, Who’s There, Dance Along With Igglepiggle and Help Igglepiggle find his blanket where your child will have to help Igglepiggle find his blanket, once returned to him he can sense that he is holding it.

Iggle Piggle Dancing Plush >>>

Iggle Piggle Trike

Iggle Piggle Trike Fantastic trike featuring fluffy Igglepiggle rucksack with squeaker.
Removable parent handle and rear bucket for storage.
Robust design with chunky blow-moulded wheels for extra stability.
Adjustable seat and handlebar height.
The Iggle Piggle Trike is suitable for ages 2-4 years

Iggle Piggle Trike >>>

Upsy Daisy Chase and Play Bed

Upsy Daisy Chase and Play Bed Place Upsy Daisy in her own bed and watch as she closes her eyes as the bed gently rocks her to sleep.
Then, once Upsy Daisy is wide awake your little one can help chase her bed as it runs around!
Upsy Daisy Chase and Play Bed is suitable for children from 18 months.

Upsy Daisy Chase and Play Bed >>>

Upsy Daisy Trike

Upsy Daisy Trike Robust design and chunky wheels for extra stability
Upsy Daisy trike with adorable 3D character.
Cute In The Night Garden graphics
Daisy print stickers
Rear bucket for storage
Removable parent handle
Adjustable handlebar height 52cm - 56cm
Adjustable seat height 33cm - 36cm 2 - 4 Years

Upsy Daisy Trike >>>

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